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Passive, biophysical Vascular training for  increasing of the Vitality.
The innovation for:
exclusive Beauty Surgeries
exclusive Sport Clubs
exclusive SPA's and Hotels
Sport Professionals



Here it is: the new method in health prevention coming from space medicine.
Do you want to offer that new treatment to your exclusive customers?
Many professional Athletes, and Celebrities are using that treatment with various indications: Regeneration, prevention, increasing of vitality, detoxification, Lymph drainage or simply wellness. Of Course in Clinical Treatment there are a lot of more indications.
The best for your facility: personal free and relieving personnel.
rejuvenate yourself
The intermittent vacuum therapy - IVT - applies alternating negative pressure (vacuum) and positive pressure on the lower extremities to the abdomen.
This causes physiologically a rhythmic vascular dilatation and compression and provokes natural way and purely physically the >>flow<<.
This ensures better blood circulation, and increase the venous lymphatic reflux.
The central nervous system is also stimulated. Since on compression is avoided, the application is painless and relaxing. The user remains passive and needs not to undress either.

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